Video Study

The digital world has changed parenting.

We’re in new territory.

What do we do? How do we keep our kids safe?

We’ve found a solution.


Parents often ask, “Where Do I Start?”

Our video study is designed to answer these questions. Our goal is to walk you through 9 weeks of “first-steps” so you can start implementing the solution. We’re parents just like you. We’ve recorded this video study in real-time, continually learning what it means to be a cyberparent in today’s world.

The 9-week nextTalk video study: Where Do I Start?

Video 1: The problem. The solution.
Video 2: It begins with me.
Video 3: Open Communication in my Marriage.
Video 4: Creating a Culture of Conversation with my Kids.
Video 5: Phones. Contracts. Social Media.
Video 6: Pornography.
Video 7: Sex. Sexuality. Transgender.
Video 8: Stress can lead to: Screen Addiction. Cutting. Suicide.
Video 9: Parenting without Fear.

Each video is approximately 30 minutes and features dads, moms and kids. Discussion questions and resources are provided at the end of every video. We also have a printable curriculum packet available upon request.

$39.99 Rental per group*
$79.99 Purchase**

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*Livestream rental expires 12 months from purchase date
**Unlimited access for churches, organizations or individuals