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“Nine years ago, my daughter asked a highly-sexualized question. I didn’t know ‘this thing’ existed until I was a 19-year-old college student. She was nine and in the fourth grade. She did not have a phone. It was my lightbulb moment that parenting had changed. We’re in new territory.”


The nextTalk Podcast

How do we keep our kids safe online? How do we have real conversations about real issues our kids are struggling with? Join Mandy Majors (award-winning author of "TALK" and "Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World") and Kim Elerick (former radio morning host and nextTalk Director) every Monday for practical parenting stories!

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Video Study

Parents often ask, "Where do I start? How do I keep my kids safe?"

Our video study is designed to answer these questions. Our goal is to walk you through 9 weeks of “first-steps” so you can start implementing the solution.

We’re parents just like you. We’ve recorded this video study in real-time, continually learning what it means to be a cyberparent in today’s world.

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In addition to our podcasts and video study, we also offer in-person and virtual events.

  • Churches and Christian Schools
  • Non-religious presentations
  • Conferences

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