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At nextTalk, we’ve always seen the value of partnering with licensed professional counselors. These experts make guest appearances on our podcasts, serve on our Advisory Council and are available to our team when we need advice helping families.

Need help?

Maybe you don’t need counseling, but you just need some help with creating more discussion about a specific issue. Do you have a question on how to have a certain conversation with your child? Email us below. If you are in need of counseling for yourself, your family or your child, email us below for a counselor referral (currently in the state of Texas only). Outside of Texas, we suggest you ask a local church for counseling recommendations.

Free/Reduced Counseling

It has always been a dream of our organization to be able to provide free/reduced counseling to kids who have financial hardship. And because of a recent grant, we have now launched this new program!
If you’d like to apply for free/reduced counseling for your child, please fill out the form below.
*Please note: Our LPCs are only licensed in the State of Texas. They can do in-person or TeleHealth appointments for Texas residents only. As we grow and partner with other counselors in other states, we hope to expand this program outside of Texas in the future.